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Neon Signs remain one of the most fascinating sights one can see.

Neon signs have been here for decades. They’ve been helping businesses, big and small, to attract customers, young and old. They’ve been effective in luring the eye of a potential customer with their dazzling light and meticulous designs and finally sucking them in via their warm and fuzzy light that seemingly invites you with an open arm. Its attention grabbing capability is second to none.

There’s certainly no reason not to get a neon signage for your business.

The origins of neon signs

A brief intro about the origins of neon signs

Neon signs were invented thanks to William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers’ discovery of neon gas in 1898. At first, neon gas were used in neon tubes as novelty items. After that, in 1902,  Georges Claude, a French engineer and inventor created the neon lamp. Finally, in 1923, neon signs were introduced to the United States by Georges Claude by selling two signages to a Packard dealership in Los Angeles.

Since then, neon signs have become very popular as a way to attract customers until it gradually declined in popularity thanks to the invention of LEDs.

Neon Signs: The Revival

Neon signs are making a comeback

You might be thinking that neon signs have lost their novelty and appeal throughout the years. That might be true a decade ago, but right now, the opposite is happening.

With the popularity of LED signs is at its peak, they are flooding the streets. Everywhere you look, you see nothing but the cold, mechanical and soulless glow of LED signs. So, when people see a neon sign, they are instantly captivated by it. It’s nostalgic and it’s different. It invokes a warm and fuzzy feeling and its colors are vibrant. Overall, it’s livelier compared to LED signs.

The increasing rarity of neon signs is the reason behind its comeback. People are getting tired of LED signs, so when they see a neon sign, they are instantly mesmerized.

The Advantages of Using Neon Signage

Neon Signs Are Energy Efficient

One reason why people switch to LED signs is because they think that neon signs are power hungry, while LEDs are newer technology, optimized for less energy usage. However, that’s not entirely true at all.

On equal brightness output, LED and neon has roughly the same amount of power consumption. There’s an excellent demonstration on YouTube that shows and explains more about this.

In a nutshell, neon signs are very energy efficient. LED signs only seem more energy efficient because they have less brightness, making them less prominent compared to neon lights. If you were to put them on equal brightness levels, LED and neon signs have roughly the same power consumption, with the latter offering better aesthetic and appeal.

Neon Signs Are Durable

A well built neon sign lasts up to 15 years. You can leave it running for 24 hours a day and seven days a week and it will still last very long. In fact, one of the things that affect how long a neon sign last is the transformer. Most of the time, the transformer dies long before the neon gas fade or the neon glass break.

Neon Signs Always Attract Attention

Neon signs emit a warm and fuzzy glow that other types of signage fail to duplicate. This alone separates it from the horde of signage type flooding the streets nowadays. In addition to that, neon signs are very easy to customize, enabling a professional neon craftsman to create all kinds of shape and sizes.

The designs created by a professional craftsman paired with the neon’s warm and fuzzy glow creates an inviting feeling which certainly takes a lot of willpower to resist.

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