Beer Neon Signs

Do you own a restaurant? Perhaps you own a nightclub. Or maybe you operate a liquor shop. If you are an owner of one of these or similar establishment and you’re not using neon beer signs yet, then you’re missing a lot. Even if you don’t exactly operate the same kind of business as we have mentioned, if you serve beers, you’re still missing on quite a lot if you don’t have a beer neon sign. Why? Let us find out.

Beer Neon Signs Attract Customers

Just by having a beer neon sign displayed inside your establishment is more than enough to entice your customers into ordering beers. This will certainly improve your sales and perhaps even improve your customer loyalty.

What? Customer loyalty? Why is that?

Let me explain. If you serve premium quality or excellent beer, and you have a neon sign to match, your customers will certainly be enticed to order your beer and they will discover how wonderful your beers are. They will then recommend your establishment to their friends, families, peers, or colleagues, which is a free advertisement for you.

Why Not LED?

You’re probably wondering by now how why neon? Couldn’t you just use a regular LED beer sign? Plus, you heard that LED signs are more efficient in terms of power consumption.

Sure, you can use LED, however, you’re practically putting yourself lower in the spectrum. Why? Because compared to neon beer signs, LED beer signs don’t have the same appeal and strength when it comes to enticing customers. Neon signs do a better job of attracting customers when it comes to beers and liquor. Notice how almost all establishments serving beers uses a neon beer sign?

As for the power consumption, this is not true. A typical neon sign uses 60 watts of illumination, which is similar to your typical household light bulb.

Why are Neon Beer Signs Better?

There are several reasons why neon beer signs are better when it comes to enticing customers. First, their glow is different from regular signs and LED signs, affecting how people perceive them. They have a warmer and welcoming feeling. If you take a look at an LED sign or a regular sign, it doesn’t evoke a feeling at all. Or maybe they do, however, it’s cold and emotionless as if it doesn’t care at all. It’s only there to let people know that you serve beer. No more, no less. It’s like having a waiter wearing no expression at all.

Neon signs, on the other hand, emit a warm glow. They pull the attention of an on-looker, luring them in, inviting them with an open arm to go get some beer and indulge themselves, as if to forget the world for a little while to relax and have a peace of mind. Going back to the waiter analogy, neon signs are like a waiter who is very lively and enthusiastic.

Design Freedom

One of the many additional benefits of neon signs, particularly neon beer signs, is the design freedom. The number of colors to choose from coupled with the neon craftsman’s expertise can easily create unique and compelling sign designs. In addition to that, contrary to popular belief, neon signs can be animated like LED signs, making it easy for your wild design imagination to come true.

Final Thoughts

Beer neon signs are superior to other signs. Not even the latest LED signs can provide the same level of attraction and enticement as neon signs. Their long history and their unique appearance remain unmatched in the signage industry.

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