Neon Open Signs

Neon signs are a brilliant way of attracting customers to your business. Therefore, adding a flashing “Open” neon sign in front of your business is an effective advertising tool as it provides high visibility and traffic to your business.

Open signs are the most basic and probably the most primitive signage that you can find in stores and establishments. It indicates that the establishment is ready to accept customers or do business. In fact, not having one might even be affecting your business one way or another. Furthermore, not everyone has an outgoing personality, some may be intimidated to approach your establishment, wondering if you’re open or not. In addition to that, driving folks sometimes scan for “Open” signs to see which place are available, and if you don’t have one, you already lose to your competitors.

Open Neon Signs: Taking it Several Steps Ahead

Sure, you’ve got an “Open” sign, but is it enough? Can it stand out? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting an “Open” sign for your business, but don’t know what type of signage you should choose.

“Open” neon signs are the most effective and the most eye-catching type of “open” signage. If you already have a non-neon “Open” sign, you should replace yours with a neon one. On the other hand, if you are thinking of getting an “Open” sign for your business, but is still unsure what type of signage you should get, then you should get neon. Why? Let’s explore.

Why “Open” Neon Signs are the Best?

Simply because neon’s attractiveness is unmatched. It stands out among the rest. With just a glimpse, a neon sign will instantly draw attention to itself. It doesn’t matter how many other signs are there, if you put them side by side with a neon sign, your eye will be subconsciously drawn to the one with the neon glow.

Neon has a way of alluring us, calling us. It’s like yelling to people saying “Hey, look at me, I’m here!” Why is that? Why does it work like that? It is because of its glow. It has a different glow compared to other kinds of illuminated signages, which often emit a cold and dispassionate glow. Neon’s glow is warm and welcoming, as if it was waiting in open arms, ready to hug you tightly.

Why Not LED?

LED signs are said to be cheaper and more energy efficient, however,that’s not entirely true at all. The cost and the energy consumption of neon signs compared to LED signs isn’t that massive. If we compare the highest end neon signs to LED signs, the cost difference shouldn’t be greater than 20%.

Your typical neon sign consumes 60 watts of illumination. That is no more than the power consumption of a household light bulb. As for the cost and maintenance, while it’s true that you can find neon signs that are quite pricier upfront, they last very long. On average, a neon sign can last for over a decade before showing signs of failure. LEDs on the other hand can show signs of failure within the first two years, sometimes they even completely go out of commission.

Finally, with the sea of LED signs flooding the streets, you’ll not be able to standout easily unless you shell out more cash to make your LED sign larger, brighter, and more sophisticated than your competitors. In the end, you’ll have to spend more cash in terms of upfront costs and maintenance than neon signs.

Final Thoughts

“Open” neon signs are the best for any kind of business. Its glow and its warm colors draw the eye of the public, which is perfect for catching the attention of anyone. From those walking on the streets to those riding a car. Their searching eyes will be drawn like a homing missile to your “Open” neon sign and they will feel the invitation, which exquisitely tempting and is unthinkably hard to resist, especially if your type of business is just what they were looking for.

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