Write for The Neon Electrics Store

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Neon Electrics Store! We’re looking for writers that are highly knowledgeable in the neon industry – but we’re not looking just for writers, we want someone who really cares about the neon industry. You could say that someone who is really into neons – be it a hobbyist, an enthusiast or someone who actually uses neon for their home, business or workplace.

Why so harsh on the requirements? Actually, we will accept anyone who can write at least 800 words article related to or about the neon industry. If you can create such content, then we will gladly accept your submission. The reason we are looking for someone really passionate is we want to establish a long term relationship with you so you can help us produce meaningful content to promote neon and make its impact bigger and longer than what it currently is.

OK, enough of the background. We want articles that are highly relevant to the neon industry. Specifically, we are looking for articles covering current events in the neon industry, how to use neon to establish a strong business presence, neon for enthusiasts and anything that we might’ve missed.

In a nutshell, we want articles that are:

  • At least 800 words
  • Related to or about the neon industry, neon signages, neon hobbyists
  • Not published elsewhere
  • Is not a canned article – we want fresh ones, written specifically for our audience, not something that’s already written for the sake of pitching

Once you are accepted, you must:

  • Finish the article within the deadline. If you are unable to meet the deadline, your article will not be published. If there is an inevitable event that will cause your article to get delayed, you should notify us at least 4 days before the deadline.
  • Write an article that is not promotional in nature, instead, one that has something of value to our readers. You don’t need to worry about keywords too, we just need an article that is by humans for humans.

Once your article is published, you agree to:

  • Not publish it anywhere else
  • Let us add our own links to your article (up to 2)
  • Edit it to exactly match our tone and to fix any errors (we’ll ensure that your unique voice will remain)

Why Write for Us?

We are among the few neon focused websites left on the planet and thus, you will gain exposure to passionate neon users, enthusiasts, and businesses. You’ll be a part of a warm and fuzzy community that loves neon to the bottom of their heart.

If you’re not here for the community, then surely, you’d love the exposure. Let us tell you that you will be able to add links to your social media accounts via your byline and you can also insert one (1) link in the body of your article (no affiliate links allowed, sorry).

Ready to submit a pitch? Contact us today and we’ll send you more info!